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Who We Are

Children4WorldChildren is a non-profit, non-racial and non-political organization that focuses on alleviating child’s poverty. The C4WC intensive initiative promotes holistic support for young people globally, nurturing talents, empowering individual young people to maximise their potentials for a better future.


Our Target

  • Young people that are at risk of entering poverty trap
  • Struggling parents

Our Belief

  • Every individual child can flourish, blossom and bloom if well cultivated and nurtured.
  • Engaging the young people in their own solution is possible.

Our Core Values

Commitment: To stand up for the world’s most vulnerable children to bring together young people centred services, public, private and entrepreneurs from different geographical locations to pool resources and ideas that will help young people to actualise their potentials.

Service: To assist and enhance the dignity of young people that are marginalised by the society striving to contribute favourably and meaningfully to the holistic development of young orphans and deprived young people across the world as funding permits.

Hope: For a better future for world’s most deprived young people.

Our Vision

To empower/link the world’s most deprived children with opportunities that enhance their chances to actualise their own unique dreams.

Projects Planned For the Next 3 years

  • Annual fundraising for local children hospitals
  • C4WC promotes education and sustainable development initiatives
  • C-Connect: Collaboration projects with organisations of similar objectives
  • ‘Love Exchange’
  • Promote Our Potential (POP) Initiative
  • I-Care Initiative for world Children
  • Excel English Class (EEC) for migrant community
  • Sports Fair: Sports Across the World
  • We Are The Future
  • Excel Community Global (ECG): A key concept of C4WC, established to provide employment for migrants by connecting migrant community with company offering short term and long- term job opportunity

We plan to expand our projects to other parts of Ireland where they are needed in order to increase impact, some of the listed projects may be updated and new ones added.

C4WC Financing

The foundation has so far spent its income on project creation, plan and implementation. No staff members have been remunerated since its existence, we have all volunteered our experiences, services and time.
C4WC major donor is the Fingal County Council.

Our Partners

Our Supporters

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C4WC Promoting A Complete Local Integration. Contributing to Sustainable Communities.

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